Lettuce Lunch


Lunchbox: Capsicum flower lunchbox

Capsicum flower lunchbox

What better way to eat the rainbow then by gathering up every vegetable you can find and go to town! Really, we just love them that much, and if they happen to look nice when you arrange them in colour order then that’s just the cherry on top! This is actually one of my favourite lunch boxes – it’s kind of cool in an understated way; it’s just a lunch box that is packed to the brim with things you want to eat. That hummus doesn’t have to stay over that side either – bridge the gap, bring it over, get messy. Vegetables, toasted chickpeas, hummus… bliss.

Capsicum flower lunchbox

Not only does it taste amazing, but making it is even easier! Just throw all your favourite vegetables in a lunch box over a solid base – we went with kidney beans, but you could go with rice, pasta – anything you like really. Giving it a bit of body will help you stay fuller for longer, while the vegetables should have your vitamins and minerals sorted. Toasted chickpeas help give some filling earthiness and have a great textural quality to them. With the hummus getting mixed about, you’re in for a real treat with this lunch box –  every bite is something different! Finish up with some coconut yoghurt and muesli, and cover with berries for a sweet finish. So good you guys 😂

  • Red kidney beans, pepitas, red/orange/yellow/green capsicums, spring onions, coriander, micro-herbs, tomato, sweet potato, edible flowers for garnish
  • Couscous, hummus toasted chickpeas, jalapeños
  • Coconut yoghurt, muesli, cacao nibs, raspberries

Lunchbox: Rose pistachio fig lunchbox

Rose pistachio chocolate fig lunchbox

Presenting the rose pistachio fig lunchbox – one of our most popular posts ever! People really loved the idea here – these are so much fun to make and look amazing. Sharp-eyed readers will also note that today we had not one, but two new toys to play with! Introducing the newest addition to our lunchbox family, the Lunchbots Duo. Obviously enough, duo; two compartments – pretty cool because it means you’re not limited to just ‘main and two side dishes’ anymore. We’re all about equality here, and advocate equal rights for both savoury and dessert lunch treats everywhere!

Rose pistachio fig lunchbox


Additionally, we have a new work area to mess around on! Marble is great, but sometimes you want a warmer feel right? Now we have this lovely wood background to use. Hope you guys like it, let me know which one you prefer!

All that excitement, and we haven’t even dealt with the actual food yet! I must say, this lunch box really took Amy’s breath away. All you need to do is prepare some spicy, marinated tofu and set it on a nice summer salad. Broccolini and avocado are always fun, and I got some beautiful full looking pea pods from the garden to use, but anything will work. Put all your favourite fresh, light vegetables in there and top it off with some red chilli. Moving onto dessert, all you’ve got to do is melt some dark chocolate, then dip your figs and coat in your favourite toppings. We love rose petals and pistachio, but anything goes! Any nuts or little nibblies could work well (buckwheat kernels, citrus powder, pop rocks?) so go with what you feel. Set them in the fridge, then serve on a muesli, coconut yoghurt and fruit base. Heaven!

  • Marinated tofu, spinach, rocket, broccolini, sugar snap peas, baby corn, red cabbage, avocado, pepitas, red chilli, spring onion
  • Dark chocolate, fig, rose petals, pistachios, coconut yoghurt,  muesli, mint leaves, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, nectarines, flaked almonds

Lunchbox: Avocado and green bean salad

Avocado bean salad lunchbox

Can we take some time to just sit and appreciate how cool star fruit looks. Have you guys tried it? It’s not bad – sort of along the lines of dragonfruit in the looks vs flavour department… definitely leans more towards form than function as the taste is mild to say the least, but the texture and mouthfeel is fresh enough that it goes well in fruit salads or where other foods can carry it. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind them at all! It’s just not the tour de force of flavour that you would expect from such a dynamic looking fruit. I mean, look! They’re bright and golden and look like a star… there is no part of that I don’t like. Award for best dressed in the fruit department goes to starfruit. Leave mango or watermelon to battle it out for the title of tastiest fruit – work with what you’ve got, starfruit.

Avocado green bean salad lunchbox

As for the rest, it’s time zesty, tropical avocado lunch box today! It’s no secret we love pairing lime, avocado, sweet potato and spicy sauce up – that combo featured heavily in our mexi-box we made a couple of weeks ago! This time avocado takes centre stage though. Crunchy beans are there for texture, as are the spiced nuts, while red chilli and sriracha bring the heat. Tie it all together with the lime wedge and you’re got a hearty, fresh lunch box just begging to be eaten!

  • Avocado, lime, spring onion, red chilli, red cabbage, spiced nuts, carrot, green beans, sweet potato, spinach
  • Cucumber, coriander, black rice
  • Starfruit, watermelon

Lunchbox: Basil pesto pasta

Basil pesto pasta lunchbox

Amy loves pasta, so thought i’d focus on making her the best pasta lunch box out there! I must confess, I often struggle with pasta. The issue is… I just don’t like it! I don’t know what my Italian grandfather would say – probably just shake his head. I’ve tried it in all shapes and sizes. I’ve eaten it in Italy. It’s just not my thing! I much prefer rice. That said, cooking something you don’t eat is super challenging! In a way it’s sort of fun, like making a lunch box blindfolded, almost. Culinarily blindfolded? That works! I wonder – does anyone else have to deal with this at home – a significant other or family member who just loves something you can’t stand, but you cook it for them anyway? Tell me stories, I’d love to hear them 😂

Basil pesto pasta lunchbox


All that said, according to Amy I did a very good job with today’s lunch box. Really, how can you go wrong though – assuming you like pasta – with a huge pile of vege ravioli on roasted kale and spinach salad. Pine nuts, basil and goat’s cheese adorn the top to boost the flavour, with beetroot working in the background to give some earthy tones.

Now, if you have access to fresh basil, go out and pick some! We love it and it really helps the lunch box out. If not, you should consider it – it’s totally easy to grow, even in a pot. We ended up planting some basil seeds in the garden and within a couple of months had a veritable forest of basil. Taking the raised garden bed into account, it was pretty much head height! It was crazy. In the end we had to get rid of it, apparently there is such a thing as too much basil. Come to think of it, this may have been my fault – instead of appropriate spacing, I usually just throw the entire seed packets in and hope for the best. I guess all that competition really worked out and pushed them to grow as highly as possible. I’ll count it as a win, even if it did try to take over the entire garden!

Now oh yes where were we – the lunch box! Pair it with some tomatoes and asparagus to keep that Italian theme going, then finish with some coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit for dessert. What a feast!

  • Spinach, kale, ravioli, beetroot, pine nuts, basil, goat’s cheese
  • Nectarine, fig, grapefruit, rose petals coconut yoghurt
  • Asparagus, tomato