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Lunchbox: Vegan Watermelon Jellies

Vegan Watermelon Jelly Lunchbox

So excited to share this one with you! You might think, looking at it, a more suitable name would have been ‘tofu and kale salad’ or something along those lines, given that it takes up the biggest compartment and is the main dish – but just look at that watermelon. Look at it! It even has little seeds and everything. Let’s be honest, it’s the star here. Nothing that adorable can ever take second place – no, the spotlight is on you today, watermelon jelly slices!

Vegan Watermelon Jelly Lunchbox

I love these little guys. They’re so fun to make, plus they look and taste amazing. Let’s walk through it together so you can make your own! Firstly, jelly crystals. We were lucky enough to find some vegan watermelon jelly, which works for Amy. Mix it up as per the instructions, and add a bit of watermelon juice or pulp as it cools to give it that cloudy look and super watermelon taste (artificial watermelon flavour has nothing on the real thing!). Once it has cooled to room temperature, take the two halves of a hollowed out lime and fill them with the mixture. Chill this in the fridge until set, then slice into smaller wedges and cover with black sesame seeds. Talk about fun! I still can’t get over how cute the seeds are ­čśé

Now that they’re done, I suppose we should take a look at the rest of the lunchbox too! Marinated tofu on a fresh salad is always a good choice, and a simple rainbow fruit salad is also classic. Add a kidney bean salad for some long-lasting energy and smoked almonds for crunch, and you have an incredible lunch box on your hands. Enjoy!

  • Tofu, kale, spring onion, sugar snap peas, avocado, red chilli, pine nuts, spinach
  • Raspberries, strawberries, nectarine, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, flowers
  • Red kidney beans, tomato, red capsicum, micro-herbs
  • Vegan watermelon jelly wedges, granola, flowers
  • Smoked almonds

Lunchbox: Zucchini Ribbon Salad

Zucchini Noodle Lunchbox

Real talk, kitchen gadgets are the best. Who can walk past a kitchen supply store or Target without emerging with a handful of potentially useless devices? Mandolin slicers, those frozen banana nice-cream machines, animal shaped waffle makers (no regrets on this one), there’s just so many cool things to buy that will waste space in the cupboards. One thing that I do, however, use all the time, is my vegetable spiralizer! If you haven’t given one a try you must, they’re a heap of fun and actually give┬ásome super surprising results!

Zucchini Noodle Lunchbox

If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘boy I do love zucchini but I feel I┬áam bored with it and can’t possibly deal with its uninspiring form anymore’ then I think a spiralizer may be for you. Ours has two functions, noodles and ribbons. Opted for ribbon style here and wasn’t disappointed! It’s actually interesting how it takes on a different flavour when it’s sliced so thinly. Think of a flake, compared to a regular piece of chocolate – not the same, right? This is like the flake of the vegetable world. It’s light, it’s airy, it’s fresh and it just feels very #healthy #cleaneating #inspo, if that’s the look you’re going for.

Pair your lighter-than-air feeling salad with some heavier sides and you’ve got a balanced lunch box all ready to go. Curry cauliflower and kidney beans make up some bulk, and some crinkle cut sweet potato chips and vegan greek yoghurt will make sure you feel fuller for longer. Keep things sweet with a blueberry watermelon combo, and finish up with a crunchy granola bite. Perfect lunch!

  • Zucchini ribbons, tomato, micro-herbs, flaked almonds, pine nuts, spinach, rocket
  • Curry cauliflower, red kidney beans, sesame seeds, coriander
  • Sweet potato chips, Tofutti greek yoghurt, jalape├▒os
  • Granola cluster, rose petals
  • Blueberries, watermelon

Lunchbox: Mexicana Sweet Potato

Mexicana Sweet Potato Lunchbox

Spicing things up with a Mexican inspired Planetbox fiesta! I feel we play around with these flavours a lot these days, and I’ve got it down to a fine art of ‘if it’s delicious and evenly vaguely mexican in theme, in it goes!’. Kidney beans, sweet potato, spicy jalape├▒os and lime all come together beautifully, topped with coriander and some vegan greek yoghurt (wait, we’re in Greece now – I thought this was Mexican!) to give it a creamy, rich feel. Don’t forget the toasted chickpeas too! Such a crunchy little snack and go really well with these flavours.

Planetbox Mexican Lunchbox


Alongside we’ve got a kale and tomato salad to lighten things up. Avocado and couscous are paired off in the top right compartment, followed by strawberry and pomegranate to cut through all those strong flavours. Finally, put in a cute little treat – we went with raw vegan green matcha chocolate! It’s a really great no fuss lunchbox, just good flavours paired up with one another.

  • Red kidney beans, toasted chickpeas, coriander, lime, sweet potato, red and yellow capsicum, Toffuti┬ávegan greek yoghurt, jalape├▒os, sriracha
  • Kale, tomato, peas, spring onions, pepitas
  • Strawberry, pomegranate
  • Couscous, avocado
  • Matcha chocolate

Lunchbox: Avocado bagel

Bagel Avocado Lunchbox

We love trying out new things here at Lettuce Lunch, so we were overjoyed when we got out hands on a Planetbox! These things are great, really let you experiment with a whole lot of different flavours and little bites rather than just having a huge main dish all the time. Different lunch boxes all have their place, but we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for this one!

In the end I decided to make Amy a filling, fresh avocado bagel with sprouts! I love growing sprouts at home and I had a big handful ready to go just as this idea popped into my head, and it turned out to be a match made in heaven. Bagels are super delicious and great, but the one thing they lack is that healthy, green, fresh vibe that sprouts have in spades. Combine the two and you have the ultimate combination! A little avocado to get things moving even more and you have a creamy, loaded bagel ready to go. Yum!

Avocado Bagel Lunchbox

Sitting it on a bed of crunchy vegetables will help lighten it up further. Pair this with a kidney bean and red chilli salad, some crunchy soya crisps and pepitas, a sweet berry salad with mint, and finish with your favourite sweet treat – sometimes it’s ok to be a little indulgent!

  • Toasted bagel, avocado, avocado, sprouts, bocconcini, flaked almonds, tomatoes, carrot, yellow capsicums
  • Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, mint, edible flowers
  • Red kidney beans, radish, red chilli
  • Lindt coconut chocolate, rose petals
  • Soya crisps, pepitas