Soba noodle time! I figured it was time to explore some Asian flavours and ended up with this apparently delicious broccolini soba bowl. I say apparently, because to be honest this one was all for Amy. You see noodles… are not my thing. I find the texture unsettling, which is of course ridiculous, but hey. I have it on excellent authority that this was a wonderful lunchbox so I’ll just leave it at that. Works for me!


You can see shimeji mushrooms are the star here – if you haven’t had the pleasure I recommend you go out and find some shimeji mushrooms ASAP! These are our absolute favourite type; we’re lucky enough to get them in the supermarket but if you can’t find them there try the markets. Anyway mixing shimeji + soba is a super earthy combo so the broccolini, spring onions and chilli are there to wake things up a bit. It’s a bit fresh, a bit savoury, a bit hearty… basically all the things you want in a lunchbox! Finish it off with a splash of sesame oil and you’re good to go 😀

  • Soba noodles, shimeji mushrooms, broccolini, spring onion, red chilli, sesame oil, flowers as garnish
  • Cauliflower, radish, peas, vegan salad dressing
  • Rockmelon