Lettuce Lunch


Lunchbox: Cherry Salad

Cherry salad lunchbox

You might not think that adding cherries to kale could work, but here we are! This one is for the die-hard kale lovers out there. With a quick massage and some lemon juice and pepper you can get that kale to shine. A bit of goat’s cheese for creaminess, crunchy toasted nuts for texture, and lastly, the cherry on the top of the cake – cherries! …on top! No cake though. But hey, you get what I mean – if you have a delicious kale salad which just needs a little bit of a kick then go for it. Seriously, try it – that little burst of dark sweetness really ties it all together.

Cherry salad lunchbox

Thought we would keep it simple with the sides this time. Fresh capsicums are there to brighten up the flavours and the banana/honey/buckwheat combo is a great finisher – nice and creamy and sweet, and ever so slightly heavier than the usual fruit assortment to help you feel full after the, admittedly, lean main compartment. Garnish with some flowers and you’ve a cute little Japanese garden style lunchbox (don’t the flowers remind you of cherry blossoms?). Healthy, light, tasty 🙂

  • Kale, cherries, goat’s cheese, pomegranate, toasted slivered almonds
  • Banana, honey, buckwheat kernels
  • Rainbow mini capsicums

Lunchbox: Caprese salad

Tomato lunchbox

Our take on a classic! Caprese salad is always a hit, but my gosh do I think they get the ratios wrong. Maybe it’s just because of our love of vegetables, but tomato and cheese at, or near a 1:1 ratio is just not ok! It’s no secret that here at Lettuce Lunch we like to go vege heavy so it’s probably no surprise this is more ‘heaping bowl of tomatoes’ than traditional style but hey, what can you do, we know what we like!

Tomato lunchbox

Tomatoes and salt are best buddies, but we decided to throw the salty element in as an accompaniment. Kale chips! Most delicious of all chips. I’ve yet to meet a kale hater who wasn’t converted by these most simple of snacks. And so easy to make! Well… the preparation part is extremely easy, just de-stem kale, add oil and a pinch of salt and into the oven they go. Anyone who has made kale chips will, of course, know that they do happen to have a habit of going from undercooked to burnt in about three seconds, so watch these little green babies like a hawk. Other than that, they’re the best! Crunch them up with the tomato and pasta on the side (to make sure you’re not hungry by 2PM again!) and you’ve got an all Italian lunchbox that even nona would be proud of.

  • Mixed tomatoes, baby bocconcini, fresh basil
  • Bow tie pasta, pine nuts, mixed Italian herbs
  • Kale, sesame seeds

Lunchbox: Rainbow Bowl

Rainbow bowl lunchbox

Sometimes it’s better to let good food speak for itself. We’ve dressed this up and down countless times, but we always go back to just a squeeze of lime juice to brighten up the natural flavours and get things moving. I know I know, lazy lunchbox right! But seriously, it’s just so fresh and bright and it will leave you feeling like a million bucks afterwards, promise.

Rainbow bowl lunchbox

You could, of course, sub in whichever delicious vegetables you like – and if it doesn’t fit into the current spectrum then who cares, break the rules! Make your own rainbow. Carrots and sweet potato and orange capsicum, with a side of pumpkin? Ok, so your rainbow is orange heavy. It’s ok! I mean look at ours, we just love edamame + avocado so much we couldn’t help shove them both in, plus the lime! It’s ok. We won’t tell. It’s your rainbow, do what you like.

  • Red cabbage, red kidney beans, red capsicum, carrot, corn, avocado, edamame, avocado, lime
  • Brown rice, greek yoghurt, seaweed, sesame seeds
  • Yoghurt, banana, maple syrup, buckwheat kernels

Lunchbox: Roasted Vegetables

Roast Vegetables salad

Roasted vegetables; hooray! Look, let’s be honest, roast vegetables are an evergreen favourite with everyone, everywhere, forever. Crispy golden potatoes. Creamy pumpkin. Earthy squash and eggplant. Sweet Brussel’s sprouts. SO GOOD.

Roast vegetable salad side

Back in the day, Amy and I pretty much lived off this type of food. It’s just that perfect combination of cheap, easy to prepare, and of course delicious. And the smell! The whole house should be filled with the smells of browning potato and caramelising goodness. Who needs candles when you can just bake up a pan of these little gems! Balance is, of course, always important – these guys need some fresh spinach leaves or sprouts to offset their richness and slow you down – remember, just because you CAN eat an entire tray of roasted vegetables doesn’t mean you should (and I have definitely done this a number of times). Lastly, finish off with something a little sharper – we went with orange and blueberries, but it’s your call – pineapple or lychee could work too! Experiment with combos and make it your own – you really can’t go wrong with such a versatile vegetarian staple 🙂

  • Potato, pumpkin, squash, eggplant, Brussel’s sprouts, spinach, sesame seeds
  • Alfalfa sprouts, spring onion, chilli
  • Orange, blueberry