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Look, we’re not one to play favourites, but sometimes a lunchbox comes along that makes us step back for a moment and say ‘yep… that’s a good one!’. Here’s a curated selection of the very best Lettuce Lunch has to offer, and a little peek at the story behind it. Click through for more information about any of the boxes here. Bon appétit!

Vegan Watermelon Jelly Lunchbox
Vegan Watermelon Jelly


Our first ever lunchbox to hit over 1000 likes! The people have spoken, but we tend to agree. It’s impossible to go past those adorable little watermelon slices 🍉💦


Rose pistachio chocolate fig lunchbox
Rose pistachio figs



Another one of our more iconic lunch boxes! Making it was a lot of fun, and Amy loved the figs. This one still gets talked about a lot, and we’re always getting asked how to make it 😉



Capsicum flower lunchbox
Rainbow capsicums


Bright, fresh, and fun, this one worked out really well and it a good example of mixing things up! Healthy and tasty – what’s not to love? 😍



Zucchini Noodle Lunchbox
Zucchini Ribbon Salad



Testing out kitchen gadgets is something we love doing here at Lettuce Lunch, and the spiralizer make short work of that zucchini!



Protein ball lunchbox
Protein Ball Lunchbox



We had so much fun rolling the protein balls around in chia seeds, and even more fun eating them – give it a go!

Halloween bento lunchbox
Halloween Bento





Was so proud when I finished this one! It took hours, but I was really happy with it. We love experimenting with bento and food art – I wonder what to do next?


Chai muesli lunchbox
Chai muesli and fruit


Experimenting with sweet lunch boxes is always a good time – especially when you end up with warming, spicy chai muesli 🔥

Crunchy tofu lunchbox
Crunchy tofu



Nothing beats crunchy tofu, and this autumnal lunch box puts all the crispy, golden goodness front and center 🍂🍃



Acai flower lunchbox
Acai bowl lunchbox

You would have to be put an acai bowl into a lunch box – but we did it anyway! With some careful preparation, spills were avoided 💦

Panda bento lunchbox
Panda bento





Two pandas playing in a Japanese garden – love those little guys! Very happy with my first ever bento attempt 🐼