avocado beetroot saladHey everyone! First post ever! That’s right, this is the first lunchbox ever brought to life in the Lettuce Lunch kitchen, and what a risk it was! I mean, what could go wrong – avocado beetroot salad! Well see, about that – Amy has never been one for grapefruit. That said, I assured her this was going to work! Creamy avocado and earthy beetroot always are a fantastic way to keep the tartness of a blushing ruby-red in check – so with this in mind, I got to work.

Now avocado, beetroot, and grapefruit are a great start – and freshened up with some bright and healthy greens, I knew we had a hit on our hands. And as it turns out, Amy agreed! I was pretty eager for her feedback and sure enough, she loved it. When I got the lunchbox back at the end of the day there was not a speck of grapefruit to be found; Amy had polished it all off! The plan had worked, the grapefruit was gone, and Lettuce Lunch was off to a cracking start.

avocado beetroot salad

I think the takeaway message here is you have to try this salad! Avocado and beetroot salad together might seem quirky at first but it really worked out in the end – try it for a unique, colourful combination! Because they taste so darn good on their own, I decided to go without dressing to let the vegetables do all the talking. That said, I think a little splash of balsamic could work too. Beetroot and balsamic are best friends, after all! Pair it with your favourite dip and some crackers for a bit of body and heartiness, and you should have a healthy lunch on your hands in no time 🙂

  • Avocado, grapefruit, beetroot, broccolini, rocket, pine nuts and sesame seeds
  • Bagel crisps, sweet chilli cream cheese
  • Hummus, peas, chilli, cracked pepper

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