Mediterranean Salad

Roasted zucchini, sun dried tomatoes, olives, green beans. Need I go on? This lunchbox was so easy to make too – put on some extra roast vegetables with dinner and you’ve got a great meal on your hands. We went with roasted zucchinis today, which are wonderful, and don’t leave you feeling quite as heavy as a full on roast potato/pumpkin feast. Not saying they’re not great, because they are possibly the greatest thing ever, but sometimes you want something a little lighter, while still getting that lovely, sweet, roasted crunch. I must warn you that if you are making this from leftovers, make a lot – when it comes to mediterranean salad you always need way more than you think you do because it goes so fast!

You see, these little guys are just the perfect bite sized snacks and are great even when they’re not done – as long as they’re cooked past raw, sneaking one off the roasting tray everytime you check on them always seems like a good idea. When you’re assembling the salad too. Chomp. Munch. Not many left now! You begin to rationalise the dwindling supply of roast zucchini in front of you – hey… there’s olives in this dish too, and uh… beans… they’re heavy, I guess! They will fill me up. I don’t need to put ALL of these zucchinis in. Right? Chomp. There goes another. Cook more, you will need more.

Mediterranean Salad

We paired this lovely little salad with a little bit of crunch for texture – a Cruskit with your favourite topping will work wonders here and is super easy to do. Add in some chili for a kick, then finish with some fresh fruit for dessert – we went with golden nectarines and weren’t disappointed.

  • Roasted zucchini, olives, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, basil leaves, spinach leaves, lettuce leaves, toasted pine nuts, goat’s cheese
  • Cruskit, cream cheese, chili, purple salad leaves
  • Nectarines


For this lunch we used the Lunchbots Bento TrioDishwasher safe, stainless steel and BPA free – what’s not to love! Click here for details.

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