Vegan Sushi with Mochi

Presenting the super kawaii vegan sushi with mochi lunchbox! Today I decided to send Amy on a trip to Japan today (alas only figuratively) with this little creation. Geographic themed boxes are the best; they just beg to be shown off, and you can throw a whole load of awesome/appropriate things in there and you know the flavours will work because the traditional combinations have been going strong for years/decades/millennia.

Now Amy has been to Japan and has eaten the food, so I couldn’t just throw a packet of frozen edamame in there and call it a day. Oh no! As she’s never been one to be easily fooled, I knew Amy would no doubt demand some authentic Japanese noms. Firstly, you can’t go past fresh sushi and this one has been given the vegan treatment – sweet potato forms the base of the filling and beyond that, I pretty much stuffed whatever vegetables I could in. Finish up with a little piece of pickled ginger and there you go, sushi!

Vegan Sushi with Mochi

We also fell in love with the mochi balls at the local Asian grocer. These are delicious, chewy little chunks of glutinous squish (really the only way to describe them) and have a light, sweet flavour. I picked up a packet of them and put two in for an authentic dessert. I know I know, I bought something instead of cooking it! But seriously, making mochi looks downright tiring. If you haven’t seen it, watch the videos of the old guys punching it and smacking it with a hammer. Yes – it’s the only dessert you have to legitimately fight it to make it happen. Even with two guys ganging up on it, looks like crazy hard work!

Finishing off, we have some oyster mushrooms, edamame, spinach leaves. Oh, and a little soy sauce/sesame oil/chilli mix I mixed up to dip the sushi in. By the way that container comes with a lid, by the way, so no soy sauce infused mochi balls today! If you’re loving the look, check out our adorable panda sushi bento or this other mochi filled lunchbox inspired by our recent trip to Japan 🙂

  • Nori, brown rice, sweet potato, avocado, red onion, red + yellow capsicum, pickled ginger, oyster mushrooms, edamame, spinach, mochi balls
  • Soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, red chilli


If you love the single-compartment look, try the updated Lunchbots Bento Uno.  It’s a newer, more compact version of the one we used here!

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