Lettuce Lunch

Month: January 2017

Lunchbox: Stuffed Rainbow Capsicums

vegetarian stuffed capsicum

Vegetarian stuffed capsicum time! These little bundles of goodness went down a treat – and you can stuff them with anything you like; your favourite cream cheese or vegan alternative, vege mince, brown rice, or even a handful of even smaller capsicums – it’s capsicums all the way down! We call that one the ‘capception’.

Ok, I admit… we haven’t made the capception just yet, but one day, when the fridge is reeeeally empty except for capsicums and i’m all out of ideas… and it will be glorious. In the meantime, if you find yourself with too many capsicums, try chopping them up as a crunchy side like in this cherry salad lunchbox.

vegetarian stuffed capsicum

I think there’s something so soothing about that gradient. Something deep within that says ‘hey, that’s nice!’. The best part is it tastes really good too – I didn’t cook the caps so they kind of serve as the fresh, crunchy vessel for a rich, creamy filling. They’re sort of like fresh jalapeño poppers, come to think of it! Well, whatever, these are delicious and you must try them out. We spiked our creamy filling with some dill and lemon juice to really make it shine, but again, you can stuff them with pretty much whatever you like; we are quite partial to these stuffed with brown rice and a vege mix too, and it’s so easy to just use leftovers – they’re the ultimate capsicum fillers! Get creative, and let us know in the comments! Whatever you choose though, we know you’ll love these vegetarian stuffed capsicums.

  • Mini rainbow capsicums, cream cheese filling, dill, lemon juice, pepper, kale
  • Toasted chickpeas, red chilli
  • Strawberries, blueberries


For this lunch we used the Lunchbots Bento TrioDishwasher safe, stainless steel and BPA free – what’s not to love! Click here for details.

Lunchbox: Broccolini Soba Noodles


Soba noodle time! I figured it was time to explore some Asian flavours and ended up with this apparently delicious broccolini soba noodles bowl. I say apparently, because to be honest this one was all for Amy. You see noodles… are not my thing. I find the texture unsettling, which is of course ridiculous, but hey. I have it on excellent authority that this was a wonderful lunchbox so I’ll just leave it at that. Works for me!


You can see shimeji mushrooms are the star here – if you haven’t had the pleasure I recommend you go out and find some shimeji mushrooms ASAP! These are our absolute favourite type; we’re lucky enough to get them in the supermarket but if you can’t find them there try the markets. Anyway mixing shimeji + soba is a super earthy combo so the broccolini, spring onions and chilli are there to wake things up a bit. It’s a bit fresh, a bit savoury, a bit hearty… basically all the things you want in a broccolini soba noodles lunchbox! Finish it off with a splash of sesame oil and you’re good to go 😀

  • Soba noodles, shimeji mushrooms, broccolini, spring onion, red chilli, sesame oil, flowers as garnish
  • Cauliflower, radish, peas, vegan salad dressing
  • Rockmelon


For this lunch we used the Lunchbots Bento TrioDishwasher safe, stainless steel and BPA free – what’s not to love! Click here for details.