Raw Sprout Salad

Sprouts are always fun, but man do they go off quickly, right? At the supermarket or fruit shop you see a bright, fresh looking packet of sprouts and think ‘looks healthy, i’m in’. Perfect for my raw sprout salad! You happily bring them home, but before you even get a chance to sit down you hear the distant, ominous tick-tocking of a purely metaphorical clock counting down rapidly. It begins!

Run, don’t walk, to your sprouts, and consume them all immediately. This is the only true way to be sure they don’t end up as brown mush in the bottom of your crisper. Sprouts always seem like such a good idea – but if that’s true, what do you end up throwing out most of the packet every time? And that’s just alfalfa sprouts, like the ones pictures. You’re going to need a time machine to get bean sprouts home in an edible condition.

Too dramatic? Alright, maybe! You do need to act fast though, and commit yourself to eating them in 2 – 3 days, absolute max. To do this, I figured i’d look into making a lunch box that would use up all our spare sprouts and give them a chance to shine.

Raw Sprout Salad

By using them as a base, we can build a fresh, zesty spring salad that will really make the sprouts sing. Sprouts are, of course, very light, and need a creamy element to balance that out. We think ashed goat’s cheese is the perfect accompaniment here. Peas and cucumbers provide some much needed greenery, while the shaved fennel (those nearly transparent slivers) give it a slight anise kick to keep things interesting. When you’re just about to eat it, top with the lemon and go to town. Mix in some black rice from the side compartment and you have a solid dish that will give you healthy energy to burn all afternoon.

  • Alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, corn, beans, goat’s cheese, dill, shaved fennel, lemon
  • Black rice, enoki mushrooms, greek yoghurt, red chilli
  • Watermelon, blueberries

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