Avocado Bagel

We love trying out new things here at Lettuce Lunch, so we were overjoyed when we got out hands on a Planetbox! These things are great, really let you experiment with a whole lot of different flavours and little bites rather than just having a huge main dish all the time. Different lunch boxes all have their place, but we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for this one!

In the end I decided to make Amy a filling, fresh avocado bagel with sprouts! I love growing sprouts at home and I had a big handful ready to go just as this idea popped into my head, and it turned out to be a match made in heaven. Bagels are super delicious and great, but the one thing they lack is that healthy, green, fresh vibe that sprouts have in spades. Combine the two and you have the ultimate combination! A little avocado to get things moving even more and you have a creamy, loaded bagel ready to go. Yum!

Avocado Bagel

Sitting it on a bed of crunchy vegetables will help lighten it up further. Pair this with a kidney bean and red chilli salad, some crunchy soya crisps and pepitas, a sweet berry salad with mint, and finish with your favourite sweet treat – sometimes it’s ok to be a little indulgent!

  • Toasted bagel, avocado, avocado, sprouts, bocconcini, flaked almonds, tomatoes, carrot, yellow capsicums
  • Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, mint, edible flowers
  • Red kidney beans, radish, red chilli
  • Lindt coconut chocolate, rose petals
  • Soya crisps, pepitas

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