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Lunchbox: Roast Vegetable Salad

Roast Vegetable Salad

Getting back to basics today with roast vegetable salad! Now really, is there any vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, omnivore or well, anyone at all – who can resist hearty, crispy, delicious roast vegetables? I think not! If only they didn’t take so long to make. That said, it’s minimal effort, it just takes forever, so in a sense it’s really an exercise in planning for the future. They should teach kids this in school as in introduction to the concept of delayed gratification – don’t pay attention, you get raw potatoes and sadness. Study just enough to get through? Boiled potatoes. Work hard and plan ahead for your future? Your reward is crunchy, golden potatoes and success in all your endeavours. Whether the success part actually works out in practise another matter entirely, but at the very least they got some nice roasted potatoes out of it, which is what’s really important. I mean, people define success in different ways but let’s be honest, if you have roasted potatoes in your life… haven’t you already won?

Roast Vegetable Salad

Ahem, anyway, moving on, let’s take a look at what we have here today! Crunch go those potatoes, but the eagle eyed here will notice that the roast vegetables are paired up with their very best friend in the world, rosemary, straight from the herb garden! Broccolini, sugar snap and leaves are there to up the fresh, healthy vibes, and the cous cous and spicy hummus mix is there to give it some body. Body you think, isn’t the potato enough! Well, I find too much of a good thing can spoil it, so I like to go pretty light on these and back it up with cous cous for a more interesting flavour profile.

Now fruit salad for dessert is always a winner, and this time we even had fun little special guest along, kiwi berries! I had never seen these before so had to get them when the opportunity arose – sure enough, it’s a kiwifruit the size of a berry. You can eat them whole (they aren’t disconcertingly furry, as real kiwifruit are) or can chop them up and eat them like this. They taste just like a kiwifruit but my gosh they look cute. Google it if you’ve never seen one before, they are basically grapes, except with kiwi inside – and there’s no part of that collaboration I don’t love.

  • Roasted potato, sweet potato, carrot, broccolini, baby corn, sugar snap peas, rocket, spinach, peas, pepitas, chili, rosemary, coriander
  • Cous cous, hummus, spiced peanuts, pistachios, smoked paprika
  • Nectarine, watermelon, raspberry, kiwi berries

Collaboration: Chocolate Figs with The Weekend Edition

So excited to share my first video with everyone! The lovely folks at The Weekend Edition got in touch and asked if I was interested in doing a collaboration with them – and you bet I was! The idea they were running with was ‘desk lunches that don’t suck’. As a maker of lunch boxes which certainly don’t appear to suck, we figured was a perfect fit.

And so here we are! Check out the video to see me (well, my hands) make one of our most popular lunchboxes ever! That is, the summer salad and chocolate rose pistachio fig combo from a couple of months back. It’s sort of a remix, really, as I’ve been experimenting with different styles of tofu and other interesting bits and bobs which weren’t in the original lunchbox.

Chocolate Figs

Making a video sure was different to shooting a normal lunch! The most interesting thing was the lighting/time factor. Maybe I spent a little too long getting those dappled afternoon rays just right…  by the time I had realised it was near sunset! I raced to get everything into that box before the natural light faded and only just made it. Still, I had a ball doing it, and am thinking I should definitely start making some more videos! Let me know if you guys enjoy them, or what I should make next; hit up hellolettucelunch@gmail.com if you have any suggestions, or recipes you’d like me to try out on film. Love to help out!

Chocolate Figs

Finally, another big thank you to The Weekend Edition for having me. If you check out the article on their website, I wrote out my top five quick recipes, as well as talking a bit about my lunches and what we’re all about 😀

  • Marinated tofu, spinach, rocket, broccolini, sugar snap peas, baby corn, red cabbage, avocado, pepitas, red chilli, spring onion
  • Dark chocolate, fig, rose petals, pistachios, coconut yoghurt, muesli, mint leaves, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines, edible flowers

Lunchbox: Vegan Tortellini

Vegan Tortellini

For all you pasta lovers out there, this one is for you! Nothing beats fresh pasta and that familiar, comforting flavour, but sometimes you need a little something to fresh it up. When my garden started producing these enormous peas in the pod en masse, I knew I had a perfect match! If you do find yourself cooking with these, make sure you’re using the edible garden variety and not the ornamental sweet pea which apparently have a toxin that can cause paralysis (which is generally less than ideal). Amy always says these lunch boxes are to die for, but if we can keep toxic plants out entirely, that would be nice. Anyway once you’ve sourced them, you can use pea, pod, shoot and even the flowers! These are great to provide some textural differences and keep that clean eating vibe going. The perfect was to freshen up some vegan tortellini!

Vegan Tortellini

You can freshen that spring salad up even more with some simple additions. I went with nectarine for that bright, sweet taste that complements the pasta and the peas perfectly. Hearty, sweet, fresh – this lunchbox has all the best flavours in one place! Put it on a bed of spinach and tomato for a classic pasta pairing, and you’re all set. I paired this up with a little mini-breakfast bowl – the coconut yoghurt really adds a much needed creamy element to the lunchbox, while the fruit finishes the whole thing on a high note. So good!

  • Pasta, nectarine, sugar snap peas, pea shoots, pea flower, pine nuts, vegan cheese, kale, tomato, radish
  • Muesli flakes, coconut yoghurt, toasted coconut, cacao nibs, rose petals
  • Strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, nectarine

Lunchbox: Bento Cinco

Bento Cinco

One of Amy’s favourites! Fresh fruit, summer salad, hearty salad, couscous/capsicum dip combo and banana with coconut yoghurt – how can you go wrong! We decided to take one of out newest lunch boxes, the bento cinco out for a test drive, and we weren’t disappointed. The question is, does five compartments mean five times the fun? Sure, why not! Having all these little segments means you’re basically serving up a little tasting plate – small bites and nibbles of everything! Let’s get into it.

Bento Cinco

The first question is, do you eat the compartments one at a time, or mix the couscous and kidney beans into the salad and finish with fruit and yoghurt! Maybe you like to switch things up and mix the yoghurt into the salad? Perhaps fruit on couscous? Hmm. I hope not. That would be terrible. Let’s just stick with the regular combinations for now.

I’d say the main part of this lunch box is the fresh summer salad. If you can get your hands on some sugar snap peas these give such a green, fresh taste. Pair it with all your favourite vegetables, and decorate it with herbs as you see fit – the little white flowers are actually basil flowers from our basil plant! I love growing basil, except it seems intent on bolting and giving me nothing but basil flowers and seeds. Even if you’re handy with the scissors, they’ll always manage to sneak one past you, so why not embrace it and serve it up! They’re edible, have a super mild basil taste, and look awesome. Win win.

From there just fill this up with whatever you can find – couscous and capsicum dip is a lovely little savoury treat, and I even included a couple of chips on there to give it some crunch! Kidney beans provide body and the fruit and yoghurt are a great finisher. We really enjoyed this lunch box – if you give it a try, let us know how you go!

  • Spinach, sugar snap peas, spring onion, avocado, basil flowers, abby corn, coriander, pepitas
  • Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi fruit, edible flowersS
  • Coconut yoghurt, banana, toasted coconut, edible flower
  • Red kidney beans, radish, red chilli
  • Couscous, capsicum dip, chips