Lettuce Lunch


Lunchbox: Spring Salad with Avocado

spring salad with avocado

Celebrate the turning of the season with this bright, fresh lunchbox! This is a great lunchbox because it’s so simple.. avocado is great! Fresh peas from the garden are great! Baby corn? Also great! Just grab everything you can and throw it in, it’s all good. Bonus points if your garden is overflowing with edible flowers – I really can’t keep up, though i’m trying! Just remember, with all these vegetables you’re going to need a bit of body. I went with wheat puffs and bliss / protein balls to help keep those energy levels up all day long. By the way, if you’re loving them, you can click here to check out another lunch that I did that featured them and a whooole lot of delicious roast vegetables!

spring salad with avocado

Let me also take a minute to say, how adorable are those little baby corn pieces! Just slice it thinly and you have these happy, cute little suns / sunflowers / starbursts. Have to remember that little trick next time I do a bento box! Actually I must do another bento sometime! If you have anything you’d like to see, leave a comment. If it’s even remotely plausible I might just have a go! I do like a challenge, after all. Bon appétit everyone!

  • Avocado, cucumber, tomato, red kidney beans, basil, silverbeet, baby corn, red chilli, rosemary, edible flower
  • Watermelon, raspberries, grapefruit, blueberries
  • Fresh peas, baby corn, edible flower
  • Wheat puffs, bliss balls, edible flower
  • Almonds, pepitas

For this lunch we used the Planetbox Rover. It’s dishwasher safe, stainless steel, and has room for all our favourite snacks! Click here for details.

Throwback: Halloween Bento

halloween bento

It’s time for a cheeky throwback to one of our most beloved lunchboxes – the spooky, witchy, Halloween bento box! I just couldn’t help posting it again for some of our new viewers, and I hope you all like it! This was my very first attempt at bento box art and i’m very pleased with how it turned out – especially given the adorable mini pumpkins I found at the markets just in time to become this little jack-o-lantern. Anyway, happy Halloween everyone! To see the original post, you can click here 🙂


If you love the single-compartment look, try the updated Lunchbots Bento Uno.  It’s a newer, more compact version of the one we used here!

Lunchbox: Vegan Dumplings!

vegan dumplings

Steamed buns, vegetable gyoza, tofu – this box has it all! Mm.. vegan dumplings. If you’re craving some asian flavours but can’t put your finger on exactly which, why not just cover all your bases and throw everything in. We really loving have all these little finger foods to pick at, and there’s something for everyone here, so even the fussiest eaters will love it. Raid your local asian grocer for all the tastiest little bits you can find and go to town! It’s always inspiring to see classic meaty staples getting the vegan treatment – the steam bun we used, for example, has a rich, umami mushroom filling that contrasts really well with salad. Eating a pile of these on their own would feel heavy after a couple, but just the one alongside some other little treats feels downright luxurious and is absolutely worth a try! So good.

vegan dumplings

Delicious as they are, processed foods like this are better paired with a light, fresh salad to keep things simple. Edamame and broccolini give the leaves a bit of body, and avocado rounds it all out with a creamy element. What do you think? Sound good? Want to go that extra mile? A little zig-zag of vegan kewpie, sriracha, or a dash of sesame oil over the top will really make the flavours come alive – though things do tend to get messy in there and aesthetics will take a hit (so remember, if it’s bound for instagram, photograph before dressing). Enjoy!

  • Vegan mushroom steamed bun, vegetable gyoza, satay marinated tofu, silverbeet, spinach, avocado, broccolini, carrot, basil, chili, pepitas, edible flowers
  • Blueberries, raspberries, nectarine, watermelon, edible flowers
  • Lentils, cucumber, coriander


For this lunch we used the Lunchbots Bento TrioDishwasher safe, stainless steel and BPA free – what’s not to love! Click here for details.

Lunchbox: Roast Pumpkin Salad

 Roast Pumpkin Salad

Keeping it bright and fresh today with this healthy little lunchbox! Sometimes you need to take things back to basics – so here’s our take on a classic roast pumpkin salad! Sure, Amy loves all those luxurious vegan panna cottas and watermelon jellies but let’s go back to where I think a lot of us began – crunchy, golden roast vegetables over salad (bonus points for the avocado!). Like, is this the vegan meal that converts more people than any other or what! it’s simple, hearty, classic, and just really, really good! The problem, of course, is the lengthy wait, though I suppose that’s just part of the ritual. Some might even claim the suspense makes it better – you’re bound to be hungry when they’re finally ready, which will naturally add greatly to your appreciation of the end result. Good things come to those who wait was clearly written with roast pumpkin salad in mind!

 Roast Pumpkin Salad

In any case they make an incredible tasty and no fuss addition to any lunchbox – paired up with a fresh salad and some lighter vegetables and you have a really vibrant, nourishing meal ready to go. Cleanse that palate with some kiwi, dragonfruit and mint, and if you’re feeling really indulgent, top it all off with some sesame snaps. Sometimes keeping it simple pays off 🙂

  • Pumpkin, salad leaves, avocado, coriander, dill, red cabbage, pepitas, red cabbage, edible flowers
  • Dragonfruit, kiwi, fig, blueberries, strawberries, mint
  • Cucumber, corn, micro-herbs
  • Broccolini, basil, red chilli
  • Sesame snaps

For this lunch we used the Planetbox Rover. It’s dishwasher safe, stainless steel, and has room for all our favourite snacks! Click here for details.