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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll use this opportunity to answer some of the questions we get quite often here at Lettuce Lunch. If you’ve got any more, don’t hesitate to ask!

Q: Do you guys sell these lunches? Where can I buy Lettuce Lunch?

A: Alas, we do not! Lettuce Lunch is me (Carlton) preparing lunch for my girlfriend (Amy), and photographing the results. It started as a personal Instagram to share my creations with friends and family and has grown so much from there, but the core focus is still on single lunchboxes made in our kitchen at home.

That said, I love the idea of sharing these lunches with the world one day! Once I finish my nutrition degree I am very interested in exploring the possibility of bringing the Lettuce Lunch experience to a wider audience.

Q: Are these lunchboxes vegetarian, or vegan?

A: Short answer – all recent lunches are vegan, some of the older lunches are vegetarian.

We made the switch from vegetarianism to veganism nearly a year ago now, and the lunchboxes reflect that. You can filter which posts you’d like to see by clicking the vegan tag. All ingredients are listed too, so if in doubt, check the list at the bottom of each post. That said, any of the vegetarian lunchboxes are just a substitution or two away from being vegan – we were never too heavy handed with the animal products.

Q: Where are you based? Are you in the US/UK/Germany/etc?

A: Lettuce Lunch is based out of our family home in Brisbane, Australia.