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Look, we’re not one to play favourites, but sometimes a lunchbox comes along that makes us step back for a moment and say ‘yep… that’s a keeper!’. Here’s a curated selection of the very best Lettuce Lunch has to offer, and a little peek at the story behind it. Click through for more information about any of the boxes here. Bon appétit!


Chocolate fig with tofu salad

Had such a great time making this lunchbox – and the accompanying ‘behind the scenes/how it’s made’ video. We also love it because it marked our first ever big collaboration! Needless to say, when you moosh up figs and chocolate and loads of fresh berries, something great is bound to happen.


Japanese Sushi Lunchbox

Reliving our Japanese adventures through mochi and sushi! Actually I don’t recall having any sushi at all in Japan but hey, it’s on theme, so it stays. Oishii oishii!


Roast vegetable and fig

Roasted vegetables with fig and vegan cream cheese make for a mature flavour combination. Cover it in toasted nuts for the finishing touch!


Panda bento lunchbox
Panda Bento

And now, for something completely different! Another milestone, my first attempt at a themed bento. I was rather pleased with how it all turned out, personally! Just look at that tiny little panda on the right, eating his little baby spring onion bamboo shoot – how could this not make my top 10?


Capsicum flower lunchbox
Rainbow Capsicums

I do love bright colours, and this one pretty much all of them! In hindsight, some blueberries could have completed the spectrum, but every lunchbox is a learning experience, right?


Nourish Bowl

Another day, another delicious lunchbox! We did a collaboration with the soul strategist and came up with this bowl full of goodness – it ended up being such a pretty lunchbox we felt it needed an appropriately cute flay lay to go with it. Definitely one of our favourites!


Vegan Watermelon Jelly Lunchbox
Vegan Watermelon Jelly Lunchbox

Our first post ever to hit 1000 likes – and it nearly doubled that! The people have spoken, and we tend to agree. You go, people – such impeccable taste! Anyway, it’s impossible to go past those adorable little vegan watermelon slices, and oven-roasted tofu is just the icing on the cake. Easy to make, and a real crowd pleaser!


Crunchy tofu lunchbox
Crunchy Autumn Tofu

Tofu is really stealing the limelight here, with tofu dishes being very well represented in our top 10. It might not be the prettiest ingredient, but put it together with some autumnal colours and you have a deep, rich, earthy lunchbox, ready to go!


Halloween bento lunchbox
Halloween Bento

Another themed bento, this time for halloween! While the flavour of the panda bento might have this beat out, points for intricacy! Keeping in theme, it was a nightmare getting all those little details perfect, but well worth it in the end 😉


Sugar Snap Pasta Lunchbox
Pasta Spring Salad

When your garden is overflowing with peas and beans there’s only one solution – into the lunchbox they go, edible shoots, flowers and all! We had only just arrived back from New York when I made this, and my father pointed our that, perhaps subconsciously, i’d arranged Lady Liberties headpiece out of watermelon! Works for me.