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Things we love to use in the kitchen!

Here at Lettuce Lunch we love nothing more than trying out new toys in the kitchen. From the assortment of lunchboxes we use to whatever random gadgets we can get our hands on this week, you’ll find information on the things we like here in one convenient location. Happy cooking!



The original lunchboxes we’ve used since day one. Old faithful, and still probably our most used box is the Bento Trio – that’s the one with three compartments. We found it to be a really good balance; it’s just like having a main dish and two sides (or main, side, dessert!). Later on, our little Lunchbots family expanded to include the Bento Duo and Bento Cinco (2 and 5 compartments). The stainless steel look always gets compliments, as well as keeping everything fresh and ready to go. Cleaning is easy too, into the dishwasher they go! You can see the whole range at



Planetbox rover

We were super excited when we got our first Planetbox – it’s always fun to mix things up and try something new. Having five compartments of different sizes felt so different, but we loved it straight away – it sort of felt like a tasting plate of yummy little bites, though with room for something more substantial too. Planetbox calls this style of lunchbox the Rover. We also throw this one in the dishwasher so it’s 100% easy to look after. They also do cute little magnets you can use to customise the boxes if you’re cooking for young ones (which isn’t us just yet, but certainly looks like a lot of fun!). You can check out all their other boxes at



So we saw this in a kitchen shop one day and couldn’t resist giving it a go, especially after seeing all the spiralled zucchini posts on Pinterest. Well, it’s heaps of fun and pretty cheap and works reasonably well. I say reasonably because sometimes I do have issues with the spikes on the inside (which are meant to hold the vegetable in place) making mush out of soft veggies (zucchini, etc). Only sometimes! Anything harder than zucchini always comes out a treat. I  still think it’s worth a try to see if you like spiralled vegetables.



This thing I love. Fresh sprouts are the greatest. I honestly thought it would be just another kitchen gadget to gather dust but it hasn’t been empty since the minute I got it – as soon as one tier is empty, it’s getting refilled and ready for more. It’s healthy, cost-effective, and the fact that it takes almost no effort and looks cool while they’re growing is just a bonus.

Pupper approved!

I really love kitchen gadgets and will give pretty much anything a go, so if anyone has a suggestion for something fun to try let us know at 🙂

Other essentials

These are just a couple of things I incorporate into well, nearly everything in one way or another.

  • Sriracha. The most delicious, undisputed king/queen of condiments. Most people know what this is so I won’t bother talking too much about it other than saying if you haven’t tried it, it is really amazing. I don’t think there’s anything in my arsenal which takes a meal from good to great faster than adding a dab of cashew cheese or unsweetened coconut yoghurt and a splash of sriracha on top. Heavenly!
  • Smoked paprika. I find if I fry or sauté anything, I really like taking them to 95% done, adding a touch more oil, adding a healthy coating of dried smoked paprika and mixing it around for a couple of seconds before taking it off the heat. Instant rich, smoky depth.
  • Liquid smoke. I’ll add a drop or two (a little goes a LONG way) into baked beans, casseroles, taco mix or similar to give it a really deep, open flame sort of umami flavour profile. If you’re vegan or vegetarian and cooking for a meat eater, this is indispensable.
  • Pepitas. Delicious pumpkin seeds. I go through these like no one’s business. Raw as a salad topping they add instant crunch, and if you fry them to a light brown in combination with the smoked paprika trick earlier and a little salt, they make a beautifully savoury snack.